Paul D. Supnik
Attorney at Law
9401 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1250
Beverly Hills, California 90212

Domestic and International Copyright and Trademark Law;
Motion Picture, Television, Publishing, Media and General Entertainment Law;
New Media and Internet Law; Licensing;
Related Litigation

Nature of Practice

Personal service is offered in selected legal areas.  This office is suitable for matters where a large firm is not required, yet where problem solving can best be handled by one having a developed knowledge in specific areas of intellectual property and media.  The practice incorporates a seasoned understanding of both domestic and international copyright and trademark matters that covers many industries.  A network of lawyer contacts cultivated over years crosses national boundaries to help the corporate client and the business lawyer liaise with international colleagues abroad.  A commitment to the legal profession and its institutions is an integral part of the practice.

Clients Represented

Representation has included businesses and individuals in the entertainment, art, publishing,  merchandising, Internet, e-commerce and new media, advertising, computer software, information services, financial, clothing, consumer products, consumer electronics, food, restaurant, medical products, eyewear, jewelry, sporting goods, furniture, leather goods and other industries, primarily limited to the specific practice areas identified below:

Trademark Law

  •   Preliminary injunction and seizure proceedings
  •   Anti-counterfeit enforcement/defense
  •   Litigation and trials of trademark infringement and unfair competition matters. 
  •   Trademark/service mark  selection and development
  •   Trademark searches and interpretation
  •   Federal registration
  •   Foreign registration
  •   Customs recordation
  •   Opposition and cancellation proceedings
  •   Counseling on appropriate trademark usage in advertising and commercials and on packaging
  •   Internet domain name disputes
  •   Assignments and recordation
      Licensing of trademarks and service marks

Copyright Law

  •   Registration of copyright
  •   Assignments and recordation
  •   Copyright searches
  •   Interpretation of domestic and foreign rights
  •   Termination of transfers
  •   Licensing and contract negotiation
  •   Preliminary injunction and seizure proceedings
  •   Anti-piracy enforcement/defense
  •   Litigation and trials of infringement and license disputes
Internet Law 
    • Internet domain name disputes
    • Website development agreements
    • Linking and sponsorship agreements
    • Content and trademark licensing

Entertainment/Media Law

  •   Counseling and representing producers, writers, actors and directors in the motion picture and television industries
  •   Negotiating and interpreting contracts
  •   Production and distribution agreements
  •   Option agreements
  •   Life story rights agreements
  •   Rights clearance
  •   Title searches and interpretation
  •   Privacy, publicity and defamation issues
  •   Reviewing material for E&O requirements
  •   Union and guild matters
  •   Litigation and trials of entertainment cases in federal and state courts and arbitration tribunals

Merchandising and Licensing

Merchandising licenses, protection of rights in merchandising properties, litigation of merchandising rights.

International Affiliations

Established relationships with lawyers in Canada, Mexico, Latin America, India, Western Europe, Africa, and Pacific Rim countries.


•    Attorney of record in over 100 cases in Federal Courts involving intellectual property issues.
•    Attorney of record in over 700 trademark filings in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
•    Attorney of record in over 50 Trademark Trial and Appeal Board matters involving opposition, cancellation and appeal proceedings.
•    Obtained trademark protection for clients in association with foreign counsel in territories including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, U.K., European Union, India, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Russian Federation, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.

Representative Matters

•    Successfully represented company through jury trial against lawsuit by multinational company for claim of trademark infringement which resulted in defense verdict.
•    Obtained seizure order against manufacture of infringing clothing articles and conducted seizure.
•    Successfully obtained reversal by Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals of summary judgment in copyright infringement claim.
•    Litigated idea submission claims in connection with television series against its producer.
•    Successfully tried copyright infringement action to jury on behalf of plaintiff.  After trial, judgment was sustained on appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
•    Testified in federal court as expert witness in trademark infringement lawsuit.
•    Successfully litigated and settled trademark infringement dispute involving travel agency name.
•    Litigated copyright infringement lawsuit against major software manufacturer resulting in a satisfactory settlement following mediation. 
•    Represented marketing professional against multinational company in connection with concept used in connection with major marketing campaign.  Mediation resulted in a satisfactory settlement.
•    Represented prominent photographer in suit for copyright infringement against calendar publisher.
•    Successfully litigated trademark infringement dispute involving a restaurant name.  Mediation resulted in a satisfactory settlement.
•    Pursued newspaper publisher in copyright infringement claim resulting in stipulated injunction. 
•    Successfully forced change of mark by service provider without the necessity of filing a lawsuit.
•    Successfully settled lawsuit involving claimed copyright infringement of motion picture video in DVD.
•    Represented film rights holder against foreign sales agent in IFTA arbitration and obtained favorable arbitration award.
•    Local counsel in connection with copyright infringement lawsuit involving popular song.
•    Litigated as associate counsel copyright infringement claims involving writer and obtained satisfactory settlement.
•    Satisfactorily resolved dispute involving motion picture title representing motion picture producer against book publisher’s use of confusingly similar title.
•    Litigated and satisfactorily resolved claims of copyright infringement of jewelry designs.
•    Litigated contractual dispute by game creator against distributor.
•    Successfully litigated through settlement a copyright infringement dispute between an artist and a major retail chain involving sale of arguably infringing ceramic products.
•    Litigated trademark infringement lawsuit against school resulting in a satisfactory settlement involving a name change.
•    Successfully litigated through settlement copyright infringement dispute between an artist and a merchandising outfit involving a variety of consumer products.
•    Successfully tried lawsuit involving failure to pay royalties in connection with the domestic distribution of a theatrical motion picture.
•    Appealed decision from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board through hearing before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.
•    Arbitrator of numerous disputes involving international motion picture distribution rights through the IFTA International Arbitration panel.
•    Successfully litigated breach of contract dispute in the toy game business resulting in a mediated settlement.
•    Defended active sports product company in copyright and trademark infringement suit by major studio.
•    Successfully defended through settlement product distributor against claims by major studio of infringement over dispute as to whether distributor had obtained a license.

Paul D. Supnik is a member of the State Bar of California and not of any other state or country. The material set forth herein is not for the purpose of soliciting any engagements where to do so would be to offend or violate the professional standards of any other state, country or bar.

    Paul D. Supnik
    Attorney at Law 
    Domestic and International Copyright and Trademark Law;
    Motion Picture, Television, Publishing, Media and General Entertainment Law;
    New Media and Internet Law; Licensing;
    Related Litigation