Tips for litigating in the Central District of California for Out of Town Counsel

by Paul D. Supnik
The Court Houses Getting documents to local counsel Electronic Filing
Preparing documents for filing in the Central District Each judge has their owns specific rules, affectionately referred to as the "Local Local Rules." Often they contain excellent general information on how to present matter to the court. They may be obtained from the Federal Bar Association and also appear in the Local Rules book sold by the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the major local legal newspaper. The specific judge drawn for a case is identified by his or her initials as the suffix on the case number. In parenthesis following the Judge's initials will be the initials of the Magistrate Judge assigned to the case.  Copies of the Local Rules may also be purchased from the Los Angeles Daily Journal at 213-229-5300.  The paperback volume also includes general orders and copies of the "Local Local Rules" of various members of the federal bench.

Documents filed at the outset of the case
Special documents may need to be filed at the outset of the case by both parties.


Also pay particular attention to the requirements of Local Rule 26-6 and Local Rule 16-9. Jury Trial Demand

Demands for jury trial in pleadings requires an indication on the caption that there is a jury trial demand, and a separate request and signature, usually after the end of the pleading.


Motions are normally served at least 28 days prior to the hearing date, if served electronically, and at least 31 days prior to the hearing date if served by mail if permitted where there is an exemption from electronic filing .  The motion must be filed with the Court at least 20 days prior to the hearing date.  The normally hearing date for motions is Monday and the dates do not usually have to be reserved in advance.  However, in some circumstances some judges may have a motion hearing date on a date other than Monday, and motions may not be heard every Monday.  Local Rule 7-3 requires a prefiling conference of counsel before a motion is filed.  If the motion is one that must be filed by a particular date, that conference must be held at least 5 days prior to that last date for filing.  Otherwise, the conference must take place at least 10 days before filing the motion.  A statement regarding the conference must appear in the motion, if resolution is not reached.   A current review of this rule is recommended if any motion is contemplated.

Central District Web Site

The Central District now has an excellect web site,   which includes the local rules which may be downloaded, various court forms, the calendars of the various judges, a comparison of rule revisions, and other helpful information.

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