United States District Court, Central District of California

Local Rules

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F.R.Civ.P. 51. Instructions to Jury: Objection (Effective 1/1/10)Chapter I: Local Civil Rules, Integrated with Titles of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure01/2010

F.R.Civ.P. 51. Instructions to Jury: Objection

L.R. 51-1 Requests for Instructions.1 Proposed instructions shall be in writing and shall be filed and served at least seven (7) days before trial is scheduled to begin unless a different filing date is ordered by the Court. The parties jointly shall submit a single set of instructions as to which they agree. In addition, each party shall submit separately those proposed instructions as to which all parties do not agree.

L.R. 51-2 Form of Requests. Each requested instruction shall:

(a) Be set forth in full on a separate page;

(b) Embrace only one subject or principle of law; and

(c) Not repeat the principle of law contained in any other request.

L.R. 51-3 Identity of Requesting Party. The identity of the party requesting the instructions shall be set forth on a cover page only and shall not be disclosed on the proposed instructions.

L.R. 51-4 Citation of Authority. The authority for or source of each proposed instruction shall be set forth on a separate page or document and shall not be disclosed on the proposed instruction.

L.R. 51-5 Objections. Objections shall be filed and served on or before the first day of trial unless the Court permits oral objections.

L.R. 51-5.1 Separate Objections. Written objections shall be numbered and shall specify distinctly the objectionable matter in the proposed instruction. Each objection shall be accompanied by citation of authority. Where applicable, the objecting party shall submit an alternative instruction covering the subject or principle of law.

1(51-1 amended, effective 1/1/10)