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Central District of California U.S.D.C.

Local Rules
Rule Name:Chapter:
F.R.Civ.P. 40. Assignment of Cases for TrialChapter I: (Includes prior Chapter IV: Student Practice Rules and Chapter VII: Attorney Disciplinary Rules of the Court)

F.R.Civ.P. 40. Assignment of Cases for Trial

L.R. 40-1 Continuances . Any application for continuance of any trial or similar proceeding shall be served and filed at least five (5) days before the day set for the trial or proceeding. The application shall set forth in detail the reasons therefor.

L.R. 40-1.1 Notice of Application for Continuance . Counsel shall notify the court clerk immediately when a stipulation for the continuance of a hearing, pre-trial conference, trial or other proceeding is to be submitted for approval of the Court.

L.R. 40-1.2 Application for Continuance - Approval of the Court . No continuance (whether stipulated to by counsel or not) shall be effective unless approved in writing or announced in open court by the judge.

L.R. 40-2 Notice of Settlement . Counsel shall inform the court clerk immediately by telephone or other expeditious means when a case set for trial or other proceeding has been settled.

L.R. 40-3 Failure to Comply - Sanctions . Failure to comply with the provisions of L.R. 40-1 and 40-2 may subject counsel to the following sanctions:

(a) Payment of costs and attorneys' fees of an opposing party;

(b) Payment of one day's jury fees of the panel if one has been called for the trial; and

(c) Such other sanctions as may seem proper to the Court under the circumstances.